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Wholistic Support For Your Practice Journey

It's time to create the practice you've always wanted to work in. 

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What We Teach

Practice Management

We take you from the dream stage, all the way through the details, systems and processes of a successful practice. Backed by a proven model that Dr. Matteoli has used for years in her practice, you will be supported every step of the way.

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Clinical Education & Patient Management

Dr. Burdette's Compendium has thirty-two core lectures that walk you step by step in how to apply integrative or functional medicine to your clinical practice. The course lectures are accompanied by a protocol manual that reviews over one hundred different conditions.

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Legal & Finance

The membership includes law firm-quality legal documents and contracts that are a must for every practice, so that you can confidently stand behind your policies. 

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Marketing & Outreach

Learn the best ways to invest your time while building your practice in order to reach high quality patients. 

You'll learn proven strategies as well as the marketing materials to efficiently get started.

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Live Mentoring

We have formulated the curriculum so that you are constructing your business while getting simultaneous accountability and support from each of your mentors. This may look like a 1:1 call, a question brought up in the weekly workshop, or a community post in the exclusive Incubator forum. 

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Mindset & Coaching

Your thoughts matter and have the potential to either elevate you to the next level, or leave you feeling as if you're stuck in quick stand. As certified life coaches, we will help identify self-defeating thoughts so you have the opportunity, freedom and confidence to move forward - in a way that feels most authentic to you. 

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What Does the Membership Include? 

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What to Expect

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